The independent insurance agents of Kingdom Financial Group LLC conduct insurance services so that gives us a competitive advantage to shop through multiple different carriers to personalize your insurance coverage based off your specific needs and also find competitive pricing.

Auto & Home

Determining the right amount of coverage for you home and auto insurance can be complicated at times. Knowing your asset picture and what you need to protect gives us an opportunity to combine the most competitive pricing and coverage together.

Life Insurance

Life insurance…the topic no one wants to talk about until it is too late. We want to help you make sure that if the unexpected happens you have the coverage in place to cover whatever your wishes are. We have the availability to shop multiple carriers through asuite of term and permanent insurance to cover income replacement, debt coverage, legacy planning, and key-person/business cross-sell. We use a needs analysis process to help you determine the right amount of insurance for you situation.


While you are in your income producing years disability insurance is one of the most important policies to consider as it represents your livelihood.  Work provided policies do not always provide the full income protection you need so it is important to uncover your options.

Long Term Care

Statistically speaking if you are age 65 there is a 70% chance that you will need some form of long term care supportive services. Long term care can help protect you assets and allow you to choose the care you want in the event of a need of skilled care. 

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