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Our goal is to bless you and your family with a comprehensive financial plan aligned with what matters most to your life. Financial Advisor Paul Dykes will be reaching out to you soon.

Feel free to call me anytime at 816-287-8180

How We Serve You

We offer a broad range of products & services to provide all of our clients with holistic approach for their financial needs. If there are any services that you have questions about, please reach out to us to schedule an appointment!


We use an in-depth process to help you define your current budget and through our collaboration determine areas in your spending that can improve your ability to reach your goals.

Investment Services

LPL Financial offers a very broad range of investment products and services that allow us to build a portfolio around your financial and belief preferences. To learn more about a specific product please call or submit an appointment request through the "Contact" section of this website.


The independent insurance agents of Kingdom Financial Group LLC conduct insurance services so that gives us a competitive advantage to shop through multiple different carriers to personalize your insurance coverage based off your specific needs and also find competitive pricing.

Estate Planning

In our initial conversations we will discuss your current estate plan and talk about whether it would be beneficial to meet together with an attorney to update or change your plan.

Tax Planning

I work very closely with my clients CPA's and Tax Professionals to make that we make informed decisions on your investments and income tax strategy.

Charitable Giving

Charitable giving can be done in many ways. I have the opportunity to help connect my clients with organizations that can help them make the most of the gifts they give to their favorite charities/organizations.

God Told Me
“Go educate and serve others about how they can best position themselves to help others with not only their finances but their time.”
I have been working and helping my clients for over 12 years in the financial services field finding what they are most passionate about and helping them pursue their financial dreams and goals. Doing what is in the best interest of my clients is my top priority. I am very blessed to have the opportunity to provide financial advice as an independent advisor giving my clients choices that fit their wants and needs.

Paul Dykes

President | Financial Advisor

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